Leadership Ally for Diversity and Inclusion

“Diversity: The art of thinking independently together.” — Malcolm Forbes

The world is still very unsettled about diversity and inclusion.  There are so many myths surrounding D&I and many people remain oblivious to the fact that discrimination is still very much a thing today.

Everyone is complicit in this issue because we have all either denied opportunity or been denied opportunity based on a diversity factor. As HR leaders it is our responsibility to be allies for D& I.

Diversity has become a polite, positive, hopeful feel good mantra that does not include any action. Everyone values diversity yet few are really translating it into action. Let’s not just talk about it, but be about it as allies for Diversity and Inclusion.

Your Instructor

Angela Shaw is an accomplished and certified HR professional.  She leads the human resources function in an amazing organization the Hollis Co, teaches an Essentials of HR class at Austin Community College, and is a dedicated servant leader in the volunteer HR community serving as the 2019 President of the Austin Human Resources Management Association.  Angela believes in walking the talk therefore, as an advocate speaks up every chance she gets in supporting everyone to activate their power for diversity, equity, and inclusion.