Take Back Control of Your Employee Benefit Budget: 
Self-Funding for 50-500 Employees

Live webinar: Friday, November 8, 2019, 1:00 CDT

For employers with 50 to 500 employees, employee benefit decisions are often budget-driven, made in ignorance of intimidating health plan alternatives and leave employers vulnerable to ‘The Big 4’ insurance carriers. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Before you decide to accept the annual rate increase, reduce plan benefits (deductibles and co-pays) or increase employee contributions, you should be considering creative strategies like self-funding to help in controlling your costs.

For employers who are ready to take back control of their benefit budget, this course will make the complex world of self-funding simple and applicable to your unique environment. You might even learn about our Self-Funding on Training Wheels options for those who want to “try before you buy.”

Your Instructors

Kelly MacMillan | Benefit Strategist | Brinson Benefits, Inc.

With the belief that she can change the world of employee benefits in its entirety, Kelly exhibits her passion for this mission on an individual and global level. Over the last 18 years of working for some of the nation’s top brands, Kelly has become an expert in translating organizational needs into realistic and equitable strategic visions. At Brinson, Kelly’s focus on empowering employers to reclaim the many advantages the market has to offer creates lasting and impactful employee benefit programs. Her emphasis on education and engagement drives organizations to achieve financial outcomes not otherwise seen in the current benefit landscape.

Craig Goodspeed | Senior Benefit Strategist | Brinson Benefits, Inc.

Craig brings a level of experience and maturity to the world of employee benefits matched by very few. He has over 35 years in the insurance industry, with 30 of those years focused solely on risk management techniques for employer’s benefit programs. While the health care environment has always been a challenge, the introduction of ACA regulations brought in a climate of unparalleled complexity.  Navigating this complicated environment is certainly demanding, and Craig’s well-honed skill to decipher potential dangers and pinpoint viable opportunities reinforces his ability to work with employers in developing powerful strategies toward specific outcomes in cost control, employee communication and compliance.